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Lessons and Assignments for Algebra 1:

1st Semester:

Week 1:
8/24 Welcome and Expectations HW- Bring glue stick and composition notebook next class, decorated (On front cover: Name, Teacher Name, Class Title, Class Period)

8/25 Math Encyclopedia set up

8/26 Textbook scavenger hunt due Wed 8/26 and MM1-1 due Fri 8/28
8/27 Order of operations practice HW- Second page of order of operations wkst due Fri and MM1-1 due Fri
8/28 Grade MM1-1, order of operations wkst grade, Parts of an expression and writing expressions HW- Translation words to expressions wkst due Monday

Week 2:
8/31 Grade Translating words to expressions wkst, discuss parts of an expression, practice writing expression from words HW- MM1-2 due Fri 9/4
9/1 Writing Expressions and Equations with more than one variable HW- Writing Equations and Expressions wkst due Wed 9/2, MM1-2 due Fri 9/4, Study for Formative on Wed 9/2

9/2 Grade Writing Equations and Inequalities HW, Review, Take Formative #1, Combining Like Terms Intro HW- MM1-2 due Fri 9/4, Combine Like Terms wkst due Thurs 9/3
9/3 Learn Combining Like Terms and Distributive Property HW- MM1-2 due Fri 9/4
9/4 Grade MM1-2, Distributive Property Practice, Corrections on Formative #1 HW- MM1-3 due Fri 9/11

Week 3:
9/8 MAPS testing HW- MM1-3 due Fri 9/11
9/9 Review Formative #1, Practice writing expressions HW- MM1-3 due Fri 9/11
9/10 Retake Formative #1, Properties of Algebra HW- MM1-3 due Fri 9/11
9/11 Practice the Properties of Algebra HW- MM1-4 due Fri 9/18, Properties Practice packet due Monday, Skydiver wkst due Mon.

Week 4:
9/14 Grade Properties Packet, Grade Skydiver wkst, Learn Properties of Equality and Solving 1 and 2 step equations HW- MM1-4 due Fri, Pg. 122:#2-20 evens, write the properties and check your answer due Tues 9/15
9/15 Grade Pg. 122 problems, Practice Solving 1 and 2 step equations with fractions, writing and solving equaitons with context HW- Wood Sticks wkst (odds) due Wed 9/16, MM1-4 due Fri
9/16 Grade Wood Sticks wkst, Practice with context problems and multistep equations HW- MM1-4 due Friday, Pg. 129: #12-32 evens due Thurs
9/17 Grade Pg. 129, Learn Multistep equations with variables on both sides HW- MM1-4 due Fri,practice wkst 3-3: Middle column problems and #34 due Friday

9/18 Grade MM1-4, Grade wkst 3-3, Solving proportions, Practice on Interactmath, HW- MM Practice Summ. due Thurs 9/24

Week 5:
9/21 Grade Proportions wkst, Learn solving equations with multiple variables HW- MM Practice Summative due Thurs, Dry Lawn wkst
9/22 Grade Dry Lawn wkst, Practice solving equations with multiple variables HW- Wskt 2.5 due Wed, MM Practice Summative due Thurs
9/23 Grade Wkst 2.5, Learn how to solve and graph inequalities HW- Pg. 222: #14-34 evens, due Thurs, MM Practice Summative due Thurs
9/24 Grade Pg. 222, Grade MM Practice Summative, Take MM Summative HW- MM1-5 due Fri 10/2

Week 6:
9/28 Grade Inequalities wkst, Practice for Formative with InteractMath.com HW- MM1-5 due Fri 10/2, Study for Formative on Tuesday
9/29 Review, Take Unit Formative #2 HW- MM1-5 due Fri 10/2
9/30 Make Corrections to Formative #2, Review for Summative HW- Finish Summative Review for Thurs, MM1-5 due Fr

10/1 Grade Practice Summative, Take Summative HW- MM1-5 due Friday
10/2 Grade MM1-5, Finish Summative, Start on Unit Conversions HW- MM1-6 due Fri 10/9

Week 7:
10/5 Learn about unit conversions (dimensional analysis) HW- MM1-6 due Fri, Pg. 146: #32-43 due Tues
10/6 Grade Pg. 146, More Practice with Unit Conversions HW- Skills Practice wkst #2, 6, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22, 26, 30 due Wed, MM1-6 due Fri

10/7 Grade Skills Practice wkst, Take short Formative, Learn about Rational and Irrational Numbers in the Real Number system HW- Looking for Pythagoras wkst due Thurs, MM1-6 due Fri
10/8 Grade Looking for pythagoras wkst, learn how to simplify radicals HW- MM1-6 due Fri, Pg. 619 :#1-6 and 13-18 due Fri.
10/9 Grade MM1-6, Grade book page, Practice simplifying radicals HW- MM1-7 due Thurs 10/15

Week 8:
10/12 Learn about the Pythagorean Theorem and finding the length of a line HW- MM1-7 due Thurs 10/15, Pg. 184: #1-15 due Tues
10/13 Grade Pg. 184, More Practice With the Pythagorean Theorem and Identify whether 3 numbers form a right triangle HW- MM1-7 due Thurs
10/14 More practice with Pythagorean Theorem, Learn how to simplify Radicals with variables HW- MM1-7 due Thurs, Elephant wkst due Thurs
10/15 Grade MM1-7, More Practice with simplifying radicals and Pythagorean Theorem HW- MM1-8 due Fri 10/23, What's the title wkst due Mon

Week 9:
10/19 Grade What's the Title wkst, Review for Summative HW- Practice Summative due Wed., MM1-8 due Fri

10/20 Take Unit Summative, HW-MM1-8 due Fri
10/21 Towering Numbers Activity, Take Notes on Functions HW- MM1-8 due Fri
10/22 Finish notes on Functions, Practice working with and identifying functions HW-MM1-8 due Fri

10/23 Grade MM1-8, Grade Functions Practice wkst, More Practice HW- MM Practice Summative due Fri 10/30

Week 10:
10/26 Composition of Functions HW- Evaluating Expressions wkst #2 due Tues, MM Practice Summative due Fri

10/27 Grade Evaluating Functions wkst, Practice with composite functions, Composite Functions wkst due Wed, MM Practice Summative due Fri

10/28 Grade Composition of Functions wkst, More practice and applications of functions HW- Composite Functions wkst, MM Practice Summative due Fri
10/29 Grade Composite Functions wkst, Take Unit Formative, Linear Functions HW- MM Prac. Summative due Fri, Bicycle Horn wkst due Fri

Week 11:
11/2 Grade wkst, Learn how to write an equation from 2 points, Practice HW- What's the Title wkst (Evens) due Tues, MM2-1 due Fri
11/3 Grade What's the Title wkst, Practice writing equations, Learn to graph an equation from slope-intercept form HW- Graphing Lines wkst due Wed, MM2-1 due Fri
11/4 Grade Graphing Lines wkst, Practice, Learn Point-Slope Form of a line HW- MM2-2 due Fri, Graphing Linear Equations wkst due Thurs
11/5 Grade Graphing Linear Equatins wkst, Learn Standard Form of a Line HW- MM2-2 due Fri, Did you Hear About wkst due Fri

11/6 Grade Did you Hear About wkst and MM2-1, Learn how to convert between the different line forms (There will be a formative on Monday) In class wkst: HW- Writing Linear Equations in different Forms packet (Formative will be based on this: , MM2-2 due Fri 11/13

Week 12:
11/9 Grade HW, Review all different forms, take formative, More Practice with functions and lines HW- Four Faces of a function wkst, MM2-2 due Fri
11/10 Grade Four Faces wkst, Correct formatives, Practice with Graphing Calculators,Scatter Plots HW- MM2-2 due Fri
11/11 Scatter Plots activity, Writing the equation for line of best fit HW- Scatter Plots (Line of Best Fit) wkst due Thurs. HW- Finish Scatter Plots wkst due Thurs, MM2-2 due Fri

Week 13:
11/19 Grade Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences, Review for Summative HW- MM2-3 due Fri, Practice Summative due Fri

11/20 Grade MM2-3, Go over review, Take Unit Summative HW- MM2-4 due Fri 12/4